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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fanzoona Platform is managed by Group Five Photosports, LLC., of 40 W. Littleton Bl. #210, Littleton, CO, 80120 USA. Here are some common questions and answers.

What is Fanzoona?

The Fanzoona Platform is a profile and content hosting network for photo & video creators, cosplay personalities and social media influencers. Unlike YouTube and Instagram, here we provide creators the option of running their profile as a profitable subscription and/or pay-to-view content feed for their most loyal fans

What types of creators can apply for an account on Fanzoona?

We welcome creators ranging from the casual teenage cosplayers, to the most daring tiny bikini wearing beach babes, to the artistic travelers, crazy hair gamers, and even true crime podcasters.

Most new creators begin posting their own style of content regularly on Instagram and/or TikTok to build an audience before coming here. What creators do there to draw fans is what most followers will pay to see here in higher quality or larger quantity.

The Fanzoona Platform doesn't host full nudity. This allows us to welcome creators in the same minimum age limit (13) as YouTube and Instagram so they can enjoy all the benefits, but none of the stigma, associated with more adult or porn oriented systems.

How do creators make money on Fanzoona?

There are several options and many creators combine them.

The first method is monthly subscriptions where you charge a fee for loyal followers to view the content feed you update regularly.

The second method is known as pay-to-view. This is where you post exclusive photo or video content not seen anywhere else and your subscribers can select to pay an extra fee for those content items. Some fans collect everything a creator offers, others only a few items here and there.

Do creators get naked or have sex on Fanzoona?

Nope. Not allowed. Creators and followers interested in that stuff have plenty of other places to go.

On the Fanzoona Platform creators can be daring while they show-off their beauty and style, just not while fully naked.

What is the cost of being a creator on Fanzoona?

New creators pay ZERO to join the Fanzoona Platform. Our 20% fee is deducted from the payments your followers make to subscribe or purchase pay-to-view content. The remaining 80% is sent creators automatically on a weekly basis. There are no additional fees.

Do creators pay taxes for the money they earn on Fanzoona?

For all creators (individual or company) that are earning money on Fanzoona and residing in the United States of America our company, Group Five Photosports, LLC, is required by Federal Law and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to fully identify the individual or company, to receive a completed IRS form W-9 from the individual or company, and by January 25th of each year to send that individual or company a copy of IRS form 1099 stating the amount of money we paid out to that individual or company the previous year.

Because we are not withdrawing taxes from your earnings we are also required, by the same Federal Laws and IRS Rules, to submit to the IRS a copy of that 1099 form. These are government laws that we can't bypass no matter what some other person on the Internet tells you.

The determination of any and all taxes persons or companies residing in the USA may, or may not, need to pay is dependent on that person's or company's independent circumstances. We do not, and cannot, give you legal or tax advice. It would be best to consult a professional tax advisor or other expert in your area.

For all creators (individual or company) that are earning money on Fanzoona and residing outside the United States of America we do not have the ability to determine your tax obligations and strongly suggest you consult with a tax attorney, tax advisor or other expert in your home country.

What if I have more questions?

Fanzoona visitors with additional questions are welcome to send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.