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Tutorial & Screenshots for Creators

Below you'll find additional information helpful to new creators.

Profile Set-up & Editing

Make changes to your profile by clicking PROFILE, then under the round picture EDIT PROFILE. Always click the SAVE button down at the bottom so your changes are shown instantly.

The round Avatar image can be changed just like on other social media sites. It should be at least 500 x 500 pixels. The cover across the top can be changed. The size is 1200 wide x 272 high. If you wish to have a custom one made we can provide a .PSD template or you can send images and colors by email and we'll do it for you.

Your Username can be changed to what you wish. Most creators use the same Username here as they do on Instagram.

Pay extra attention to the BIO section. This is where you let new subscribers know what they get if they pay for a subscription. It is common to list something about yourself, and include clear information about how you manage your feed and how often you update.

For LOCATION most creators use only state and country, such as Florida, USA.

The boxes for Amazon Wish List and Social Media links are not required. Use them if you wish.

Always click the SAVE button at the bottom so your changes are shown instantly.

Subscription Set-up

The next step is usually to determine how you wish to manage your profile. On Fanzoona there are several options.

  1. Free Subscription with Locked Extra Content - With this method you run the profile for free, like on Instagram, and post some fun photos and text to keep followers interested and up to date. Then when you have a nice larger set of photos, or a video, you post it LOCKED so that fans pay extra if they wish to support your profile and review that content. The price can be from $5.00 to $250.00 depending on how many images there is and what you feel is fair to your followers.

  2. Monthly Subscription Fee with Locked Extra Content - This is almost the same as option 1, except you charge a reasonable monthly fee for fans to follow you. Most fans paying that extra fee would certainly hope you are posting more often, maybe a little blogging about your day or weekend, and then offering the Locked Extra Content to those that can afford it.

    This is a very popular option because many followers may not be able to afford all the locked content, but they still wish to support you and this allows them to do so monthly by paying that reasonable monthly subscription fee. That monthly fee can be from $10.00 to $250.00.

  3. Multi-Level Monthly Subscription - With this method you create 2 or 3 levels of subscriptions, while posting more content for the higher levels. Example: Level 1 could be $25.00 per moth and those fans get to see one cool set of images and a short video each week. Level 2 could be $40.00 per month and those fans get to see the same as Level 1, plus they also get to see a second set of photos and a second video each week. The prices can be from $10.00 per month to $250.00 per month, but its always best to not scare followers away by super high prices.

    This is a popular option but be aware that it requires creators to be more organized and prepared. Fans and followers deserve to get what they pay for on those upper levels. Don't set your profile this way unless you are 100% confident you, and your lifestyle, allow for that much work and content production.

  4. Multi-Level Monthly Subscription with Locked Content - This option is the same as 3, except on some occasions you may post ever better content, or a larger photo series, if you feel followers will select to pay for it. Example: Maybe your profile is 2 levels and doing great, but you get a chance to work with a fancy professional photographer unlike anything your fans have seen before. Maybe you post some of that extra special content in the normal levels, but also have a larger post of unseen content that they pay extra for.

Those are the 4 basic options. We encourage you to think them over, make sure you have time to meet the obligations of each, and select what is best for you. Some creators start one way, expand or grow into another, and maybe even a third. Know we are here to help and feel free to reach out for advice at any time!

We usually recommend Option 2 as it allows the most fans to support at the level their own budget will allow.

Photo Uploads

You can upload as many as 100 images in one post. Here are the basic steps in pictures from an Android phone. The iPhone works the same and on a laptop it is even easier.

Start on your profile page and tap the purple circle in the lower corner.

On the next screen tap CREATE POST.

On the next screen you see the area to type a caption or description and can tap to ADD FILES (upload the photos or video).

Next you see the vault of photos you had uploaded in the past. Skip that and go for UPLOAD FROM DEVICE.

This Android screen capture shows us selecting photos for the post. The iPhone and a laptop may look a tiny bit different.

The photos are uploading but you can't do anything until the thumbnails display!

Yes, please wait until they have uploaded completely and the thumbnails display.

In this picture pay attention to that gear in the corner as you'll need that soon.

Now the images and thumbnails are uploaded. Type your caption, but DO NOT hit publish yet!

This is when you TAP THE GEAR to set your post options. See that new menu? That is important because you select which subscribers can see the post, what the price will be if it is a locked post and you can set the date and time if you wish the post to display in the future.

First hit the drop down named FOR SUBSCRIBERS. This is where you set who can see the post. The fake profile in this screen capture has 3 levels and you would decide for what levels this post is intended.

Now we have tapped ONE-TIME BUY. If the post is for normal subscribers we leave it on DISABLE ONE-TIME BUY. If the post is to be LOCKED and followers must pay extra, this is where you select the price for that post. This screen capture shows the default prices but if you let us know in advance we can adjust your profile to display other options up to $250.00

Now we are back at the thumbnail screen but they are blurred out because it is a LOCKED post. Cool, but we suggest unlocking one photo as a sample your followers can see to encourage them to purchase the full series. See the silly purple arrow - thats how you unlock one image.

OK, one image is unlocked and its time to double check the caption (description), followed by tapping PUBLISH.

Photo Posting Tip

You should often post a photo, with a fun caption, like on Instagram for all to see. That means selecting AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE and also DISABLE ONE-TIME BUY as you post. Most of YOUR FOLLOWERS will arrive here after meeting you on Instagram. Cool, but there are other creators in Fanzoona and that means there are fans and followers here that may not yet know you.

Fans of fun creators like to meet other fun creators. Give them a chance to know you both on here and by linking back to your public profiles! If a fan can afford to follow one creator he very likely can afford to follow two or three. Don't even be afraid to share links, shoutouts and more with other creators that have a similar style and fanbase.

Videos Uploads

Posting videos is near the same process but it takes longer. We want the videos here to stream good on all devices, old and new, so we convert them to the most popular format. That process requires a few minutes.

A 5 minute video likely requires almost 5 minutes to upload and be converted. When you see this screen please be patient and wait until it is done and the thumbnail displays completely before moving to the pricing steps.

The steps are the same as uploading photos, including how you set the people who can view the post and the price you charge for a LOCKED post.

When you see the thumbnail like in this screen capture, with the time in the corner, the video post is ready for you to set the price and publish.

Now you can set the price, type the caption, and click to PUBLISH.

Going Live

Fanzoona features a Live Streaming option that works pretty much like the same option on Facebook. From your profile page click the same purple circle icon, then select GO LIVE.

On this screen the CIRCLE ARROWS in the top left change between your front and back camera. The purple area shows how long you have been streaming. The grey area shows how many people are watching. Tapping the word END will end the stream.

Only your followers can view or participate in the Live Stream / chat.

Complainers or Rude Users

There is an email message form on the Contact Us page.

If you have any issues with a subscriber being rude, complaining too much, or just being a pain in the ass because he or she think they're an "Internet Super Hero" please reach out to us and allow us to deal with it. No need for you to stress or argue. We have the big bad delete button and will use it if we need to.

Email Problems

Because email is common here we suggest adding [email protected] to your email contacts. This will help insure our messages always show in the INBOX and not the JUNK folder.